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Minister of Agriculture 

The board of the SultanTaza Production Factory expresses its gratitude to Mr. Mawlavi Sahib Abdul Rahman Rashid, Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, for visiting this factory. And he tries to be a source of service for his honorable countrymen.


Students of Agriculture Faculty of Balkh University visit
Sultan taza Factory

The administration of SultanTaza has always tried to carry out various programs for the growth and excellence of students and scholars to raise awareness and promote their hidden talents! For this purpose, some students of Agriculture Faculty of Balkh  University organized a one-day scientific trip in coordination with the administration of this factory and visited its various parts to learn more about the process of production and processing of dairy products.

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Effective seminar of Holland Committee on hygiene and transmission of diseases from milk

​SultanTaza administration is gratitude from honorable Holland Committee 
for providing an effective seminar on the observance of hygiene and the transmission of diseases from milk to employees of this factory,


Effective seminar of Fire Department of Balkh Provice

Sultan Taza Administration expresses its gratitude to Balkh Province Incident Management and Fire Department, Incident and Monitoring Department, for providing an effective seminar on fire prevention and incidents for the employees of this factory.

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Empowering Afghan Farmers: Sultan Taza training program

Farmers gain invaluable knowledge and skills spanning from proper animal handling and hygiene practices to milking techniques, empowering them to enhance their livestock productivity and contribute to the sustainable development of their agricultural communities.


Distribtion of animal feeds for the farmers

Distributing premium-quality animal feeds to Afghan farmers, ensuring they have access to nutritious and reliable options to support the health and productivity of their livestock, thus contributing to the prosperity of agricultural communities across the nation.

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