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"eat taza, drink taza, choose taza"


Our Story

At Sultan Taza, we believe in the transformative power of milk. Our journey began in the heart of a humble country, where fertile lands whispered tales of untapped potential and resilient farmers dreaming of a better tomorrow. Guided by our unwavering commitment to creating positive change, we embarked on a mission to uplift lives and write a story of hope across every village, every field, and every heart we touched.

In a world where opportunities seemed scarce, Sultan Taza dared to dream differently. Founded by a visionary group of individuals who recognized the untapped potential within the agricultural landscape, our journey began with a simple idea: that the power of unity could transform destinies. We set out to create a dairy that wasn't just about milk, but about nurturing dreams.




Empowering over 2000 farmers by collecting and showcasing the essence of their quality milk.



Thriving shopkeepers turned loyal customers share their satisfaction with our dairy products.



Extending the delight of our dairy products to homes in distant provinces through efficient delivery.



Indulge in our wide range of dairy offerings, featuring 40 exquisite variations to delight your senses.

Our Products

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Sultan Taza offers a wide range of products including fresh milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, cream, yoghurt drink, and chaka all crafted from high-quality locally sourced ingredients.


Milk collection centers

Empowering Lives

Sultan Taza MCC embarked on a mission to uplift the lives of the rural population by collecting milk from over 2000+ farmers spread across the rolling mountains and valleys. Farmers who were once trapped in a cycle of poverty began to experience economic stability. Children who were previously forced to quit school to help their families were now able to continue their education, their dreams taking flight.


Our promise of quality is etched in every drop of milk we collect. Our dedicated team ensures that each farmer's hard work is valued and preserved. From state-of-the-art collection centers equipped with latest technology to our commitment to the highest standards of hygiene, we make sure that the milk that reaches your table is not just nourishing, but a testament to the dedication of our farmers.

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